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Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries, Inc.
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ACAM provides support and services to ministries
and does not provide financial assistance directly
to the general public. Please call 2-1-1 for basic needs and financial assistance.

Collaborative Initiatives

The Houston community, specifically the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, desires a model for collaboration for obvious reasons: to coordinate services, to better plan for services and to allow organizations to focus on their core competencies. The ministries have unique features that position them to meet this desire (neighborhood-based accessibility to clients, minimum bureaucracy, strong volunteer base, increased sustainability due to congregational involvement and social enterprise) and, with ACAM's help, is a working model of such collaboration. Their ability to work with each other and reach out to other partners creates an effective network of nonprofits and a lifeline for families in need in our community.

ACAM's programs for its members are customized and collaborative, and ACAM members are partners in their own capacity building. They develop plans within the structure of the ACAM’s organizational assessment tools but in an individualized way that fits into their own strategic goals. ACAM helps its members develop collaborations and service models to strengthen the community.

Disaster Recovery Support


One of ACAM’s member initiatives developed from the strategic plan calls for ACAM to be an “immediate intermediary responder.” During times of natural disaster, when the reliable, compassionate services of community assistance ministries are in even greater demand, ACAM helps members find the financial, in-kind, volunteer and communications support that they need to be able provide recovery services to their fullest capacity.

Services during Hurricane Harvey

ACAM provides support on three levels, within a similar framework to our regular operating services:

Excellence in Service: An Effective Funding Portal – When additional resources are needed to provide disaster relief services, ACAM serves as a funding portal for members and ensures that a smooth flow of funds and resources reaches those on the front lines. ACAM members are able to submit a short application form and budget to ACAM staff, instead of preparing myriad funding applications to multiple funders, allowing them to focus more time and energy on serving those in need. Funders benefit from ACAM’s involvement as well because ACAM is able to quickly link interested individual donors and foundations with a network of credible and proven front-line service providers. ACAM also serves as an information clearinghouse – giving funders the assurance that resources are directed to where they are needed most.

Network Development – In the aftermath of a disaster, ACAM provides a forum for members to offer mutual support and discuss needs, services and experiences.

Awareness and Education – ACAM communicates our members’ disaster-related needs to the media, funders, other service organizations and more including the United Way, VOAD, Women in Philanthropy, Conference of Southwest Foundations and local government officials. ACAM also keeps members updated on disaster relief efforts going on throughout the city in order to provide them the opportunity to link with complementary organizations.

Impact during Historic Flooding in 2015-16

ACAM provided fiduciary management and administriative support to the Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network (GHSRN) as well as the ACAM Network, and distributed a total of 46 disaster-related grants valued at $77,148.33 to or on behalf of 17 various organizations providing case management services to more than 1,200 disaster-impacted households.  In total, the initiative garnered $1,188,342 in support; $154,955.12 in financial support and $1,033,387 in in-kind labor, materials, supplies and other goods. ACAM nominated its Disaster Recovery VISTA for the Governor's Make a Difference VISTA Award for her efforts, which she won.

Impact during Hurricane Ike

ACAM members served 30-700% more clients in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. ACAM was able to raise and distribute more than $700,000 from 9 funders to help our members provide food, clothing, supplies, case management and rent/utility assistance to survivors of the hurricane. Members were able to leverage this funding with an additional $500,000 from other sources. 

Impact during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

ACAM members served 7,563 Katrina/Rita evacuees in the three months of most demand and were assisted by more than 670 volunteers. ACAM’s pilot phase (ZCAM ODP) raised more than $1.2 million from 13 funders to assist members as they served disaster victims.

Recent Collaborative Initiatives include:

•     Health Benefits Access Program (HBAP)  In its first year, the HBAP collaborative expanded benefit access services at five ministry partners located across the Greater Houston area.  In this second year of the HBAP project, three of these ministries will receive funding from the Episcopal Health Foundation as part of the HBAP collaborative: Katy Christian Ministries, Humble Area Assistance Ministries, and Wesley Community Center.  Two partners, whose benefit access programs have reached self-sufficiency, will rotate off the collaborative project and continue providing these services at their respective organizations.  In 2015, Interfaith of The Woodlands will join the Collaborative and will receive funding and technical assistance to implement a benefit assistance program of its own.

•    Basic Needs Assistance Project (B-NAP) – The “Greater Houston Basic Needs Assistance Project” was funded by Houston Endowment for Food Program Assistance and Homeless Prevention Program Enhancement. Visit our Reports Page to view the B-NAP Report.

•     CFC – Collaborative for Counseling – A grant from Baylor Methodist Community Health Fund was approved for its third and final year. ACAM members are developing detailed sustainability plans to continue this program beyond this third and final year. Visit our Reports Page to view the CFC Report.

•     Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing - A final report has been released for the program ending December 31, 2011. Visit our Reports Page to view the HPRP Report.

•     School Supply/Holiday Drives - ACAM’s 13 members collaborate to promote positive back-to-school and holiday experiences for more than 15,000 families annually by providing unmet needs, supplies and uniforms to families in need.